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Discovering dinosaur bones and Brian.

We went exploring yesterday on a Welsh mountainside. A definite change in season ahead as the ferns had started to change colour and when the sun wasn't shining it was cold. We walked along a beautiful stone wall right through a feeding ground for pheasants. One particular pheasant, named Brian decided to be our tour guide. He befriended us and walked with us up a mountain side and back down again. Z discovered dinosaur bones, with big teeth and that doing an accidental roly poly down the mountain sent mum into a panic. A great afternoon. :)

Z slipped over in the mud and ended up with mud on his clothes and hands. Instead of crying he got up and said 'at least i look like an adventurer now mum!!' Great attitude.

Brian the pheasant. Named by Zeke. :)

Having a chat with Brian about how to get up the rest of the mountain.

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